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Eric never intended to become a Radio host. He is a data guy. Well-versed in bulding large databases, statistical analysis, and predictive modeling. Not the stuff of radio legends. Experiences in Silicon Valley on the left coast of California left him reeling from the effects of the left's domination of California. He is fighting back in the most effective way he can, by reaching out to you with his analysis of issues that only a data guy like Eric can bring to the table. Intense, analytical, sometimes witty, always entertaining and informative, Eric is partnering with you to make a difference! Join the movement...engage ....

About Eric

About the Show

Eric originally broadcast from a small community radio station located in Oroville California called KROV. The show was called Eric's Republic and broadcast for 2 hours on Saturdays. It was a hit! It didn't take long for the show to be picked by KKXX in Chico where it was renamed, after a Facebook contest, to Unfiltered Air, and scheduled during prime-time from 4-5 pm pacific Monday through Friday.

with Eric

Unfiltered Air 

Northern California's top source for taking back the Republic
Yes indeed folks...We are in the middle of it on the left coast...

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I had to disable the email sign-up. It appears that a hacker has pointed some kind of automated bot to flood me with email requests. It has been running about 1500 per day. At first I thought, "how cool, they like me, they really like me!". Slowly, it dawned on me that this was a hack.

I would like to hear from you. Listen to the show for the email address and write me a note.



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Somewhere in the foothills of Butte county California. When at KROV we had some concerning people reach out and get personal. Yes, they are out there....

Contact us at and at 831.537.7056...leave a message..

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